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Shmoop works: featured results

用什么软件可以破解幸运飞艇Shmoop isn’t just jokes and witty banter. We have hard evidence and results that prove our approach works.

Featured case study

Tustin High School doubles AP® pass rates

Tustin High School introduced Shmoop's AP®用什么软件可以破解幸运飞艇 Test Prep into their AP US History classes and saw pass rates nearly double for the subject.

We’ve got the data

Case studies

Putnam County School District

How Personalized Learning Became VITAL in a Rural Tennessee District

用什么软件可以破解幸运飞艇Student & teacher survey

Shmoop SAT® survey

用什么软件可以破解幸运飞艇Jefferson Township High School

JTHS increases AP® scores

Northeast High School, Philadelphia, PA

Shmoop Technology and Teachers Close the Achievement Gap

Palm Desert High School

High school blows California averages out of the water after implementing Shmoop

Tustin High School

High school launches textbook-free curriculum after doubling AP® Exam scores


Word on the street

用什么软件可以破解幸运飞艇Check out what other students, teachers, schools, and districts are saying about us. And we didn’t even have to pay them to say it.

“Allowing students to work through content at their own pace, to create a blended classroom, one that brings us together to discuss common topics or for me to present new material.”

Teacher, Aiken County

“I used Shmoop in my ACT Prep Class and it definitely helped! Shmoop made me realize what I knew and what I needed to work on. I honestly don't know what I would have done if I didn't use Shmoop.”


“I used the practice tests which helped a lot [...] and drills [...] were really helpful in practicing specific skills. I liked how the questions were more focused than other prep guides and the answers explained not only the answer but the entire concept.”


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