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Free resources for highly intelligent people

Yes, that's you! Come for the emergency cram session; stay for the never-ending fount of academic wisdom! These are the resources for you, whether you’re a student, teacher, or just some random internet traveler searching for a punchy line from Shakespeare to sound learnèd!

Free study guides

It’s okay; we know you only love us for our brains. Whether you need help balancing Algebra with your social life, or with a different kind of party in 1984, our genius writers packed enough insight into our study guides to make your head explode (in a good way).

Adulting resources

Dreaming of the days when you no longer have homework? Time travel to adulthood, when you’ll have everything under control (spoiler alert:…eh, you’ll figure it out) - peruse our Life after school section, including the Careers Quiz and profiles, survival skills, and more!

College prep

Freaked out about the application process? What about getting in to your dream college? Wondering what the heck a FAFSA is? Curious about the courses you’ll take after you declare your major? Take a deep breath, and click here.

Shmooptube: Video Library

Tired of text? Bring as many snacks as you'd like and step into this vast video library. Our memes may not be the dankest, but we do provide the most educational short films for students and teachers...

Shakespeare Translator

“Oh, 'zza, 'zza. Whither is mine 'zza?” Translate even the most menial thoughts into fancy early modern English with this tool!

Careers Quiz

Your future is bright! Open up your possibilities with our fun Career Quiz! Don’t like your results, take it again (and give better answers)!

Extra! Extra!

More free resources

Teacher’s Pet: Teaching resources

Tap into teacher guides loaded with lessons and project ideas, as well as tips and tricks for handling helicopter parents and inspiring unruly children.

Extra Credit: Student resources

Whether you’re preparing to get into college, or just need to get through the test at the end of the week, we’ve got tips, tricks, and test preps for you!

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