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Need help writing an essay? Piecing together paragraphs and a thesis like Dr. Frankenstein? Whether you’re practicing for the ACT Writing section or working on a book report, Shmoop’s Essay Lab will walk you through it step-by-step!

Essay Lab, Explained

What is Essay Lab?

Essay Lab is a tool to help students brainstorm, outline, write, and refine school papers and college application essays. Here's just a sample of what it includes:

Step-by-step guidance through essay writing

Writing tips, examples, and explanations along the way

Thesis statement development

Essay Lab, Explained

Essays we help with

  • Writing an Analysis
  • Descriptive Essays
  • Book Reports
  • Thesis Statements
  • College Essays
  • Persuasive Essays
  • Reviews and Critical Evaluations
  • SAT and ACT Writing Prep
  • Writing to your Pen Pal

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