Working at Shmoop

The Brightest Stars and the Sharpest Tools, jammed into an office together! What could go wrong?! More importantly, what could go right?

Shmoop exists because we know that the idea of learning is often too hard. Our mission is to build tools that give all students equal opportunity to succeed through easing the stress of the learning environment. 

We work with purpose and move quickly! We are passionate, energetic, and are always looking for awesome minds to join our team. If you value your autonomy but can also collaborate for the benefit of students everywhere, check out our current opportunities below!

Exciting things are happening at Shmoop. We have offices in both Arizona and Utah. Get in at the ground floor.


What's not to love?


Of course we have your standard mix of insurance options! Medical, dental, and vision insurance options are available to full time employees.

Casual work environment

No suits and ties needed… unless that’s just how you roll.


You’re not in high school…plan for your future!

Team events

We enjoy our team lunches and happy hours.

Paid vacation

We believe in that quality of life balance. Work hard, play hard.

A free Shmoop subscription (duh)

Have kiddos? Great! They can take advantage of this. No kids? That’s cool too! Take advantage of Shmoop learning for yourself.

Don't take our word for it

See our openings

Open jobs at Shmoop

And check us out at:

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